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RB-1016 A0 Large Size Industrial UV Flatbed Printer

RB-1016 A0 UV flatbed printer can print on rotary and flat material with all color just by one printer. It can print CMYK, White and Varnish at the same time. The Max Printing Size is 160*100cm.



RB-4060 Plus A2 UV Flatbed Printer Machine

RB-4060 Plus A2 uv flatbed printer can print on flat and rotary materials with all color, CMYKWV, White and Varnish at the same time. This A2 uv printer can print max printing size is 40*60cm and with double Epson DX8 or TX800 heads. It can print on various items and wide applications, such as phone case, golf ball, metal, wood, acrylic, rotary bottles, USB disks, CD, bank card etc.



Nano 9 A1 6090 UV Printer

Nano9 uses 4 pieces head main board but we install it with three heads--this make printer works more stable because we use higher configuration main board.



RB-R700 DTF Direct to film printer machine

RB-R700 DTF Direct to film printer comes with dual Epson 4720/I3200 print heads, CMYKW, all colors available at once with fast speed and high resolution. It accept all types of facbric(cotton, nylon, Linen, polyester, etc) heating transfer printing with vivid design. Shoes, hats, jeans printing all available. it comes with the power shaking machine, heat press machine as well. we provide one-stop service.



RB-4060T A2 Digital T-shirt Printer Machine

Specs of RB-4060T T-shirt flatbed printer:Name:RB-4060T digital t-shirt printer.Working Environment:0 ~ 28 ℃ HR40-60%.



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Established in 2005, Shanghai Rainbow Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of T-shirt printing machine, UV Flatbed printer, coffee printer, focusing on product R&D, production, sales and service. Located in Songjiang district Shanghai with convenient transportation, Rainbow dedicates to strict quality control, technology innovation and thoughtful customer service. It successively obtained CE, SGS, LVD EMC and other international certifications. The products are popular in all cities in China and exported to 200 other countries in Europe, North America, the Middle East, Oceania, South America,etc. OEM and ODM orders are also welcomed.



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