One Pass Printer for Carton

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The Rainbow Carton printing machine utilizes inkjet technology to print various information such as text, patterns, and two-dimensional codes onto the surfaces of carton white card, paper bags, envelopes, archive bags, and other materials. Its key features include plate-free operation, quick startup, and user-friendly operation. Additionally, it comes equipped with an automatic loading and unloading system, enabling a single person to independently complete printing tasks.

The ONE PASS digital printing machine is a precision digital printer with the ability to print on a wide range of products, including airplane boxes, cardboard boxes, corrugated paper, and bags. The machine is controlled by a PLC system and uses industrial printheads with an intelligent constant pressure system. It achieves high resolution with 5PL ink droplet size and employs infrared height measurement. The equipment also incorporates a paper feeder and collector combination. Furthermore, it can automatically adjust the product height and print width to meet the specific requirements of individual customers.

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