RB-4060T A2 Digital T-shirt Printer Machine

Short Description:

RB-4060T Pro direct to garment printer was designed for new companies who seek to expand their business, because it has the newest printing technology with half of the other normal printer price. RB-4060T Pro is build based on Rainbow Inkjet self-developed mainboard which has been used for over 17 years with many advanced functions.

This year, we have significant improvements and enhancements on this model:

  • Continuous ink supply system
  • Automatic ink consumption calculation
  • Bronzing effect support
  • Film transfer printing support
  • Detailed manuals on design and operation software

  • Print size: 15.7*23.6″
  • Resolution available: 360 x 720 dpi  720 x 360 dpi  720 x 720 dpi 1440 x 720 dpi 1440 x 1440 dpi 2880 x 1440 dpi
  • Print head: dual XP600 heads
  • Speed: 69″ per A4 size
  • Ink: Waterbased eco type textile ink

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4060 dtg printer banner-2 拷贝

Rainbow A2 print size direct to T-shirt printing machine

Rainbow RB-4060T A2 size t-shirt printing machine direct to garment printing machine is made by Rainbow industry. It can print on most garments like T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, canvas, shoes, hats with vivid color and fast speed. The direct-to-garment digital flatbed printer is really a good choice for professional customers. The A2 size t-shirt printing machine was made from EPS XP600 print heads which is a 6-color model-CMYK+WW. So it can print on dark garments with CMYK+WW to get a good white ink density.
a2 dtg printer


RB-4060T DTG tshirt printer
Print size
garment customization, including tshirts, jeans, socks, shoes, sleeves.

Application & Samples

Are you trying to start a new business

Are you planning to expand your printing business to garment printing

Do you want to invest small and profit soon?

Check out RB-4060T A2 direct-to-garment printer, it's compact, economical, simple to use, and easy to start your new business!

It can print white t-shirts, black and color t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, socks, sleeves, and even shoes!
If you are not sure about how the printing can be done, or how the machine works, feel free to send an inquiry and our support team will reply to you in no time.
Free Samples Available Now

How to print?

DTG printing process 1200 拷贝

Necessary equipements: a printer, a heat press machine, a spray gun.

Step 1: Design and process the image in Photoshop

Step 2: Pre-treating the tshirt and heat press

Step 3: Put the tshirt on the printer and print

Step 4: Heat press again to cure the ink

How much can I make per print?

dtg cost profit

With a low print cost of $0.15 in ink and pre-treatment liquid, you can make over $20 profit per print. And cover the cost of the printer within 100pcs of tshirts.

Machine/Package Size

package picture

The machine will be packed in a compact wooden box, suitable for international shipping safely.

Package size:1.17*1.12*0.75M
Weight: 140kg
Lead time: 5-7 workdays
Recommended shipping methods: air shipping, express door-to-door shipping. You can receive it within a week.

Product Description

Square linear guideways

Rainbow RB-4060T new update A2 DTG printer uses Hi-win 3.5 cm straight square rail on the x-axis which is very silent and firm. Besides, it uses 2 pieces of 4 cm Hi-win straight square rail on Y-axis which makes printing smoother and the machine lifespan longer. On Z-axis, 4 pieces 4cm Hi-win straight square rail and 2 pieces screw guide makes sure the up-and-down movement has good load bearing after years using.

Magnetic windows for inspection

Rainbow RB-4060T new version A2 DTG printer take seriously about user friendly, it has 4 openable windows at the cap station, ink pump, main board, and motors for troubleshooting, and problem judgment without opening the complete machine cover---an important part when we consider a machine because maintenance in future is important.

inspection windows
ink bottle


Rainbow RB-4060T new version A2 DTG printer has a vibrant printing performance. With CMYK 4 colors and a customized ICC profile, it shows great color vibrancy. RB-4060T uses the second printhead for white, greatly speeding up the process when it prints color and black t-shirts. 

Grating film protector sheets

Rainbow RB-4060T new version A2 DTG printer has a U-shaped metal sheet on the carriage to prevent the ink spray from contaminating the encoder film, damaging the precision.

grating sensor protector

Integrated panel+ printhead heating

Rainbow RB-4060T new version A2 DTG printer has an integrated panel for control. The Printhead heating function is also supported to make sure the temperature of the ink is not as low as to clog the head.

Inquire to get more machine details(videos, pictures, catalog).


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  • Name RB4030T RB-4060T
    Printhead Double XP600/4720 Print Heads
    Resolution About 80seconds for 720*720dpi, 40*30cm/40*60cm size
    Ink Type Textile pigment ink
    Package size 500ml per bottle
    Ink supply system CISS(500ml ink tank)
    Consumption 9-15ml/sqm
    Ink stirring system Available
    Maximum printable area(W*D*H) Horizontal 40*30cm(16*12inch;A3) 40*60cm(16*25inch ,A2)
    Vertical substrate 15cm(6inches) /rotary 8cm(3inches)
    Media Type  Cotton,Nylon,30%Polyester,Canvas,Jute,Odile Cotton, Velvet, Banboo Fiver, Wool Fabric etc
    Weight ≤15kg
    Media (object) holding method Glass Table(standard)/Vacuum table(optional)
    Software RIP Maintop 6.0 or PhotoPrint DX Plus
    Control Wellprint
    format .tif/.jpg/.bmp/.gif/.tga/.psd/.psb/.ps/.eps/.pdf/.dcs/.ai/.eps/.svg
    System Microsoft Windows 98 / 2000/XP/Win7/Win8/Win10
    Interface USB2.0/3.0 Port
    Language Chinese/English
    Power requirement 50/60HZ 220V(±10%) <5A
    Consumption 800W 800W
    Dimension Assembled 63*101*56CM 97*101*56cm
    Operational 119*83*73cm 118*116*76cm
    Weight net 70kg/ Gross 101kg net 90kg/ Gross 140kg