Nova 6204 A1 DTF Printer

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The Rainbow Nova 6204 A1-sized all-in-one direct-to-film t-shirt garment printing machine is manufactured by Rainbow Industry. It is capable of producing high-quality, vibrant color prints on PET film that can be later heat transferred onto various types of garments, including t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, canvas, shoes, and hats.

This direct-to-film printer, the Nova 6204 is an excellent choice for both entry-level and professional customers who want to start a garment printing business. The A1 62cm print width DTF printer is equipped with 4pcs of EPS XP600/i3200 print heads that use a 6/4-color model – CMYK+WW. It also supports adding 4 fluorescent color FO/FY/FM/FG to realize fluorescent print. Additionally, it is integrated with a powder shaker and heater machine that streamlines the DTF printing process, reducing the need for manual labor.

Compared to an A2 or A3 DTF printer, the 62cm model is more indusrial because customers often require a large quanitity of order in a short time, and Nova 6204 fits precisely, it can print bulk amount of prints in an hour. Therefore, the 62cm model is the ideal choice for meeting customer demands and take bulk orders.

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Product Description


Advanced Industrial DTF Solution

Experience space-saving efficiency and seamless, error-free operation with our compact, integrated DTF printing system. Designed for industrial applications, this system streamlines the workflow between the printer and powder shaker, delivering an impressive output rate of up to 28 sqm/h.


Quad Printhead Design for Maximum Productivity

Equipped with four standard Epson XP600 printheads and optional Epson 4720 or i3200 upgrades, this solution accommodates a wide range of output requirements. Achieve throughput speeds of 14 sqm/h in 8-pass mode and 28 sqm/h in 4-pass mode for optimal efficiency.

fluorescent color (9)

Precision and Stability with Hiwin Linear Guideways.

The Nova D60 features Hiwin linear guideways to guarantee stability and precision in the carriage movement. This results in a longer lifespan and more reliable performance.

Precision CNC Vacuum Suction Table

Our solid CNC vacuum suction table securely holds the film in place, preventing bending and printhead damage, and ensuring consistent, high-quality prints.

table vacuum suction
fluorescent color (8)
fluorescent color bottle
fluorescent color (20)
Continuous White Ink Circulation
The standalone white ink circulation device activates automatically when the machine powers off, eliminating concerns about ink precipitation and printhead clogging. Add up to 4 kinds of fluorescent color to create stunning, vibrant prints.

Enhanced Pressure Rollers for Smooth Operation

The extra-large pressure rollers with increased friction ensure seamless material handling, providing a smooth paper feeding, printing, and take-up process.

pressure roller_

Versatile Software Options for Customized Solutions

The printer includes Maintop RIP software, with optional PhotoPrint software available to meet your specific needs and preferences, providing a tailored solution for your business.

Machine/Package Size

The machine will be packed in solid wooden box, suitable for international sea, air, or express shipping.

The package size:
The printer: 1080*690*640mm
The shaker(for XP600):850*710*780mm
Package weight:
The printer: 69kg
The shaker:58kg


Nova 6204 A1 DTF Printer
Print Size
Printer nozzle type
EPSON XP600/I3200
Software Setting Precision
360*2400dpi, 360*3600dpi, 720*2400dpi(6pass, 8pass)
Print Speed
14-28m2/h(depends on printhead model)
Ink mode
4-9 colors(CMYKW, FY/FM/FB/FR/FG)
Print software
Maintop 6.1/Photoprint
Ironing temperature
160-170℃ cold peel/hot peel
All fabric products such as nylon, cotton, leather, sweat shirts, PVC, EVA, etc.
Printhead cleaning
Picture format
Suitable media
PET film
Heating function
Far-infrared carbon fiber heating tube heating
Take up function
Automatic taking up
Temperature of working environment
printer:350W; powder dryer:2400W
110V-220V, 5A
Machine weight
Machine size
Computer operating system


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