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  • Samples of the Week-Phone Case&T-shirt

    Samples of the Week-Phone Case&T-shirt

    This week, we have the best samples printed by the UV printer Nano 9, and the DTG printer RB-4060T, and the samples are phone cases and T-shirts. Phone Cases Firstly, the phone cases, this time we printed 30pcs of phone cases at a time. The guide lines are printed ...
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  • Ideas for Profitable Printing-Pen&USB stick

    Ideas for Profitable Printing-Pen&USB stick

    Nowadays, UV printing business is known for its profitability, and among all the jobs that UV printer can take, printing in batches is no doubt the most profitable job. And that applies to many items such as pen, phone cases, USB flash drive, etc. Normally we only need to print one design on one ...
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  • Ideas for Profitable Printing-Acrylic

    Ideas for Profitable Printing-Acrylic

    Acrylic board, which looks like glass, is one of the most often used materials in advertisement industry as well as daily life. It's also called perspex or plexiglass. Where can we use printed acrylic? It's used in many places, common uses include lenses, acrylic nails, paint, security barriers...
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  • Done! Establishment of the Exclusive Agent Cooperation in Brazil

    Done! Establishment of the Exclusive Agent Cooperation in Brazil

    Done! Establishment of the Exclusive Agent Cooperation in Brazil   Rainbow Inkjet has always been working with full endeavor to help clients around the world building their own printing business and we have always been looking for agents in many countries. We are happy to announce that another ex...
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  • How We Help a US cutomer with his Printing Business

    This is how we help our US customer with their printing business. US is no doubt one of the largest market for UV printing in the world, so it’s also has one of the largest number of people who are uv flatbed printer users. As a professional uv printing solution provider, we have helped many peop...
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  • How to print silicone product with a UV printer?

    UV printer is known as its universality, its potential to print colorful picture on nearly any kinds of surface like plastic, wood, glass, metal, leather, paper package, acrylic, and so on. Despite its stunning capability, there are still some materials that UV printer can’t print, or not capable...
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  • How to make holographic print with a UV printer?

    How to make holographic print with a UV printer?

    Real holographic pictures especially on the trade cards are always intriguing and cool for kids. We look at the cards in different angles and it shows slightly different pictures, as if the picture is alive. Now with a uv printer(capable of printing varnish) and a piece ...
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  • Gold Glitter Powder with UV printing solution

    Gold Glitter Powder with UV printing solution

    New printing technique now available with our UV printers from A4 to A0! How to do it? Let’s get right to it:  First of all, we need to understand that this phone case with gold glitter powder is essentially uv printed, so we would need to use a uv printer to do it. So, we need to turn off the u...
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  • What kind of coffee we can print with the coffee printer?

    Coffee as one of the three most popular drinks in the world, even more famous than tea which has a long history. Since coffee is very hot in this market, it comes with a special printer, the coffee printer. The coffee printer uses edible ink, and it can print image on the coffee, specifically on...
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  • print head clog? It is not a big problems.

    The core components of the inkjet printer are in the inkjet printhead, also people often call it nozzles. Long-term shelving printed opportunities, improper operation, use of bad quality ink will cause print head clog! If the nozzle is not fixed in time, the effect will not only affect the produc...
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  • 6 reasons why millions of people start their business with UV printer:

    UV printer (Ultraviolet LED Ink jet Printer) is a high-tech, plate-free full-color digital printing machine, which can print on almost any materials, like T-shirts, glass, plates, various signs, crystal, PVC, acrylic, metal, stone, and leather. With the increasing urbanization of UV printing tec...
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  • The Differences Between Epson Printheads

    The Differences Between Epson Printheads

    With the continuous development of inkjet printer industry over the years, Epson printheads have been the most common-used for the wide format printers. Epson has used micro-piezo technology for decades, and that has built them a reputation for reliability and print quality. You may get confused ...
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