How to Distinguish the Differences between UV Printer and DTG Printer

How to Distinguish the Differences between UV Printer and DTG Printer

Publish Date: October 15, 2020   Editor: Celine

DTG(Direct to Garment)printer also can called T-shirt printing machine, digital printer, direct spray printer and clothes printer. If just looks appearance, it’s easy to mix the both. Two sides are metal platforms and print heads. Although the appearance and size of DTG printer is basically the same as UV printer, but the both aren’t universal. The specific differences are as follows:

1.Consumption of Print Heads

T-shirt printer uses a water-based textile ink, most of which transparent white bottle, mainly Epson’s water aquatic head, 4720 and 5113 print heads. The uv printer uses uv curable ink and mainly black. Some manufacturers use dark bottles, the use of print heads mainly from TOSHIBA, SEIKO, RICOH and KONICA.

2.Different Printing Fields

T-shirt mainly used for cotton, silk, canvas and leather. The uv flatbed printer based on glass, ceramic tile, metal, wood , soft leather, mouse pad and crafts of rigid board.

3.Different Curing Principles

T-shirt printers use external heating and drying methods to attach patterns to the surface of the material. The uv flatbed printers use the principle of ultraviolet curing and curing from uv led lamps. Certainly, there are still a few on the market that use pump lamps to heat to cure uv flatbed printers, but this situation will become less and less, and will gradually be eliminated.

Generally, it should be noted that T-shirt printers and uv flatbed printers aren’t universal, and they can’t be simply used by replacing the ink and curing system. The internal main board system, color software and control program are also different, so according to the type of product to choose the printer that you need.

Post time: Oct-15-2020