Gold Glitter Powder with UV printing solution


New printing technique now available with our UV printers from A4 to A0!

How to do it? Let’s get right to it: 

First of all, we need to understand that this phone case with gold glitter powder is essentially uv printed, so we would need to use a uv printer to do it.

So, we need to turn off the uv LED lamp, and print nothing but a layer of varnish/glossy on the phone case, or any object that you want.

Then we would have a layer of varnish that’s still wet and not cured. Then, we wash it with the gold glitter powder, we would want the varnish part full covered with the powder. Then, we pad and shake the powder coated phone case, and make sure that there’s no extra powder spreading around the varnish part.

The powder needs to be in proper size, not too small and not to big, and it needs to be in uniform shape.

Thirdly, we need to put it back on the printer table at the exact same spot.

Then we need to print multiple layers of varnish with the uv LED lamp on, we need the varnish to be thick enough to cover the edges of those powder, so we can get a smooth printed result.

After all the layers of varnish are printed, the work would be done, you can pick it up and examine the quality. It make take a few times of trying, but eventually when you see the good printed, you will have a price in mind for it ;)

If you want to see the whole process in video form, check out our YouTube channel: Rainbow Inc

Post time: Jun-08-2022