Nano 2513 Large Format UV Flatbed Printer

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  • Ink: CMYK/CMYKLcLm+W+Varnish, 6 level wash fastenss and scrach proof
  • Printhead: 2-13pcs Ricoh G5/G6
  • Size: 98.4”x51.2″
  • Speed: 6-32m2/h
  • Application: MDF, coroplast, acrylic, canvas, metal, wood, plastic, rotary, phone case, awards, albums, photos, boxes, and more

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Nano 2513 is a high-quality large format UV flatbed printer for industrial-level production. It supports 2-13pcs of Ricoh G5/G6 printheads which allows for a wide range of speed requirements. Dual negative pressure ink supply system keeps the stability of the ink supply and minimize the manual work to do maintenance. With a max printing size of 98.4*51.2″, It can directly print on metal, wood, pvc, plastic, glass, crystal, stone and rotary products. Varnish, matte, reverse print, fluorescence, bronzing effect are all supported. Besides, Nano 2513 supports direct to film printing and transfering to any materials, which makes it possible to customize curved and irregularly-shaped products.


Model Name
Nano 2513
Print size
250*130cm(4ft*8ft;large format)
Printh height
10cm/40cm(3.9inches; extendable to 15.7inches)
2-13pcs Ricoh G5/G6
MDF, coroplast, acrylic, phone case, pen, card, wood, goofball, metal, glass, PVC, canvas, ceramic, mug, bottle, cylinder, leather, etc.


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 High-Quality Structure

Integrated frame and beam are quenched to relieve stress so that deformation is avoided during use and transportation.

The welded full-steel frame is processed with a five-axis gantry milling machine to ensure the assembly accuracy

German Igus Cable Carrier

IGUS cable carrier(Germany) and Megadyne synchronous belt(Italy) are installed to ensure long-term stability and reliability.

Vacuum Suction Table

A 50mm thick suction table made of hard-anodized aluminum with marked scales on both the X and Y axes brings ease of use while minimizing the possibility of deformation.


45mm engraved with scale-large format uv flatbed printer

Japan THK Linear Guideways

To improve position repeat accuracy and reduce noise , precision ball screw with double grinding technology is adopted in Y axis, and dual THK soundless linear guideways is adopted in X-axis. 

Japan THK guideways-large format uv flatbed printer

Multi-sections and Strong Blower

Divided into 4 sections, the suction table is supported by 2 units of 1500w B5 suction machine which can also do reverse suction to create air buoyancy between the media and the table, making it easier to lift up heavy substrates. (Max weight capacity 50kg/sqm)

dual 1500w blower-large format uv flatbed printer

Printheads Array

Rainbow Nano 2513 supports 2-13pcs of Ricoh G5/G6 printheads for industrial-level production, printheads are arranged in an array that best produces the fastest printing speed.

printheads array-large format uv flatbed printer

Dual Negative Pressure Ink Supply System

A dual negative pressure ink supply system is designed to protect the white and color ink supply respectively.

An Independent low ink level alert device is equipped to prevent ink supply shortage.

High-power ink filtering and supply system is built in to filter impurities and avoid ink supply cut-off.

The secondary cartridge is installed with heating device to stabilize the ink temperature and smoothness.

Anti-collision Device

Anti-bumping device is equipped to better protect the print head from accidental damage.


anti-collision device-large format uv flatbed printer

Neat Circuit Design

The circuit system is optimized in terms of wiring, which improves the heat emission ability, slows down the aging of the cables, and extends the service life of the machine.


neat circuit board design-large format uv flatbed printer

Bulk Production Device for Rotary Products

Rainbow Nano 2513 supports bulk production rotary devices that can carry up to 72 bottles each time. The device is connected to the printer to make sure of synchronization. The printer can install 2 units of the device per flatbed.


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large format uv printer (5)

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large format uv printer (4)

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  • Name Nano 2513
    Printhead Three Ricoh Gen5/Gen6
    Resolution 600/900/1200/1800 dpi
    Ink Type UV curable hard/soft ink
    Color CMYK/CMYKLcLm+W+V(optional)
    Package size 500 per bottle
    Ink supply system CISS(1.5L ink tank)
    Consumption 9-15ml/sqm
    Ink stirring system Available
    Maximum printable area(W*D*H) Horizontal 250*130cm(98*51inch;A0)
    Vertical substrate 10cm(4inches)
    Media Type  photographic paper, film, cloth, plastic, pvc, acrylic, glass, ceramic, metal, wood, leather, etc.
    Weight ≤40kg
    Media (object) holding method Vacuum suction table(45mm thickness)
    Speed Standard 3 heads
    High-speed Production High precision
    15-20m2/h 12-15m2/h 6-10m2/h
    Double color heads
    High-speed Production High precision
    26-32m2/h 20-24m2/h 10-16m2/h
    Software RIP Photoprint/Caldera
    format .tif/.jpg/.bmp/.gif/.tga/.psd/.psb/.ps/.eps/.pdf/.dcs/.ai/.eps/.svg/cdr./cad.
    System Win7/win10
    Interface USB 3.0
    Language English/Chinese
    Power requirement AC220V (±10%)>15A; 50Hz-60Hz
    Consumption ≤6.5KW
    Dimension 4300*2100*1300MM
    Weight 1350KG


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