What makes a good high-speed 360 degree rotary cylinder printer?

Flash 360 is an excellent cylinder printer, capable of printing cylinders like bottles and conic at a high speed. What makes it a quality printer? let's find out its details.

360 degree high speed cylinder bottle printer

Outstanding Printing Capability

Equipped with three DX8 printheads, it supports simultaneous printing of white and color UV inks, allowing for diverse and vibrant print results.

3pcs of dx8 print heads in high speed cylinder printer

Reliable Design

Utilizing German Igus cable chains, it not only safeguards ink tubes but also extends the printer's lifespan, ensuring long-term stability and performance.

igus cable carrier on 360 degree high speed rotary bottle printer

Neat Circuit Layout

The standard machine features a well-organized circuit layout, providing dependable electrical support and reducing the risk of malfunctions.

standard circuit cystem with neat arrangement

User-Friendly Interface

Equipped with a touchscreen control panel, it offers an intuitive and user-friendly operation, eliminating the need for complex learning processes.

touch screen panel for control

Convenient Control

The power switch and air valve buttons can be easily turned for quick air valve fixation, enhancing operational efficiency.

power switch and air switch

Stability Assurance

The combination of ball screw rods and silver linear silent guides ensures outstanding stability, ensuring consistent and reliable printing.

ball screw and linear guideway on X axis

Smart Alignment

Equipped with an infrared sensor for automatic print alignment, it simplifies the operation and enhances accuracy.

alignment sensor in high speed cylinder printer

Real-Time Temperature Monitoring

The heated printhead base displays temperature in real-time, allowing you to monitor the status of the printhead and ensure stable print quality.

ink temperature display

Fine Adjustment

Featuring a roller for aligning the X-axis cylinder position, with screws for precise adjustment, it caters to various printing needs.

double roller for alignment

Efficient Drying

The UV LED lamp ensures immediate drying during the printing process, eliminating the need for prolonged waiting times and increasing production efficiency.

UV LED lamp low heat high curing speed

With these quality parts and user-friendly designs, Flash 360 can help you print bottles and tapered cylinder at production speed. Contact Rainbow Inkjet today to know more info like pricing about this printer.



Post time: Sep-28-2023