UV Printing Photo Slate Plaque: Profit, Process, and Performance


I. The Products that UV Printer Can Print

UV printing is a remarkable printing technology that provides unmatched versatility and innovation. By using UV light to cure or dry ink, it allows direct printing onto a variety of surfaces including plastic, wood, glass, and even fabric. Today we will show you an outstanding applications of UV printing and that is on photo slate plaques. These natural, rugged, and aesthetically pleasing materials serve as a unique canvas for memories, creating a personal yet sophisticated touch to any décor.

II. The Profit-Cost Calculation of Printing Photo Slate Plaque

The cost of printing on slate depends on various factors such as the cost of raw materials, printer operational cost, and labor cost. The slate itself can vary in cost based on size and quality, with the printer's ink consumption depending on the design's complexity. Considering these, let's say the cost of the slate is $2, ink for one print is $0.1, and overhead costs per piece are $2. Therefore, the total production cost per slate plaque could be around $4.1.
These plaques are highly valued for their uniqueness and quality, often retailing between $25 and $45 each. Thus, the profit margin is substantial, easily around 300-400%, providing a lucrative business opportunity for those seeking to venture into the UV printing industry.

selling price of photo slate plaque on Etsy-2

III. How to Print with UV Printer

Printing on a slate plaque with a UV printer involves a relatively simple process. First, the slate needs to be properly cleaned to ensure no dust or particles interfere with the printing. And we need to examine the slate to make sure it's flat. The design is then loaded onto the printer's software and the slate is placed onn the flatbed of the printer.
The UV printing process makes the ink dry immediately, preventing it from spreading or seeping, which ensures a high-quality, detailed print. It's important to adjust the printer settings to match the slate's thickness and texture for optimal results.

IV. The Final Result Display

The final product, a UV printed photo slate plaque, is a stunning display of technology meeting artisan craftsmanship. The photo or design is brilliantly reproduced with vibrant, fade-resistant colors, standing out against the slate's natural, rough texture. Each plaque is unique, owing to the distinct patterns in the slate. They can be displayed in a variety of settings, from homes to offices, serving as a striking piece of personalized art or a heartfelt gift.

photo slate plaque (2)

V. Recommendation of Rainbow Inkjet UV Printers

Rainbow Inkjet UV printers stand as an industry-leading choice when it comes to UV printing. These printers offer remarkable quality, durability, and ease of use, making them ideal for both beginners and experienced printers. Models like the RB-4060 Plus UV printer come with quality profile, user-friendly features like automatic height detection, low ink alert and UV LED lamps power adjust knobs, ensuring flawless printing on various surfaces, including slate.
The software is user-friendly, allowing precise control over the printing process. Our customer service and post-purchase support has a high standard in this industry, which makes Rainbow a highly recommended choice for those seeking to explore or expand their UV printing endeavors. We can refer you our customers who have our printers so you can know their first-hand experience.
UV printing on photo slate plaques presents a profitable and creative business opportunity. It combines technology with natural elements to create stunning, personalized pieces of art. In today's market, people like natural products, and a printed photo slate plaque has a very niche share.With the right equipment, like Rainbow Inkjet UV printers, and the knowledge of the process, anyone can start creating these beautiful items.

Post time: Jul-13-2023