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How to Print with a Rotary Printing Device on UV Printer

How to Print with a Rotary Printing Device on UV Printer

Date: October 20, 2020  Post By Rainbowdgt

Introduction: As we all know, the uv printer has a wide range of applications, and there are many materials that can be printed. However, if you want to print on rotary bottles or mugs, at this time, you need to use rotary printing equipment to print. So this article will help you to learn how to install and use a rotary printing device print on uv printer. Meanwhile, we provide comprehensive operation video from instruction video for your reference.(Video Website: https://youtu.be/vj3d-Hr2X_s)

The following are specific instructions:

Operations before install the rotary printing device

1.Power on the machine, switch to the machine mode;
2.Still open the software in platform mode, and then move the platform out;
3.Move the carriage to the highest position;
4.Quit the software and switch to rotary mode.

Steps to install rotary printing device

1.You can see there are 4 screw holes around the platform. Corresponding to the 4 screw holes of the rotary printing device;
2.There are 4 screws to adjust the height of the stand. The stand is lowered, you can print bigger cups;
3.Install the 4 screws and insert the signal cable.

Open the software and switch to rotary mode. Click feed or back to check if the installation is successful

Change the Y moving speed value to 10

Place the cylindrical material on the holder

1.You need to make a picture of step calibration(Set paper size 100*100mm)
2.Making a wireframe picture, set picture h length to 100mm and w width to 5mm(Picture Centered)
3.Selecting mode and send
4.Setting the actual height of the print head surface from the material to 2mm
5.Entering X coordinate of the printing start
6.Fine the position on the platform scale
7.Printing cylindrical material(Don’t choose Y coordinate)

You can see that the printed horizontal border isn’t good because the step is wrong.

We need to use a tape measure to measure the actual printed length.

We set the height of the picture to 100mm, but the actual measured length is 85mm.

Move input value to 100. Run the length input value 85. Just click once to calculate. Click apply to save to parameters. You will find the pulse value changes. Putting the picture again to confirm. Please change the X coordinate of the staring position to prevent the printing of the pictures from overlapping

The set length of consistent with the actual printing length, you can print the pictures. If the size still has a little error, you need to continue to enter the value on the software and calibrate. After finished, we can print the cylindrical materials.

Post time: Oct-20-2020