Create amazing light art with Rainbow UV printer

Light art is a recently hot commodity on tiktok as it has a very amzing effect, orders have been done in bulk. This is an amazing and useful product, at the same time, easy to make and comes with a low cost. And in this article, we will show you how step by step. We have a short video on our Youtube channel and if you are interested here's the link:video link

wood light art (1)

First we need to prepare the materials that's needed in this process:
1. a piece of transparent film
2. a hollow wood frame
3. a scissor
4. a LED stripe(battery powered)
5. a UV flatbed printer

Then we come directly to the printing process. To print a good picture we need the files and here's an example of what kind of files you need:

wood light art files

Like so, we need 3 separate pictures, the final one is result. And firstly we need to print the first picture, IMG.jpg. This picture is mainly white, and it's what we see when the light is off.

After the first print, flip the printed film and we print IMG_001.jpg on the other side.

After that, print the final IMG_002.jpg on top of the IMG_001.jpg, and the print part is done.

Then we assemble the picture into the frame and make a cool light art.

If you buy the materials in bulk, the overall printing+material cost could be less than $4, and the finished product can be sold for at least $20.



And all these need a small UV printer to start with, if you already have it, you can easily make it with the materials, and if you don't, welcome to take a look at our UV printers, we have from A4 small UV printer to A3, A2, A1, and A0 UV printers, which can surely satisfy your need for printing.

If you want some file for testing purpose, welcome to send an inquiry and ask for a file package.

Post time: Jun-15-2023