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Nano 7 A2 UV Flatbed Printer

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Nano 7 A2 UV flatbed printer was designed for affordable option with quick printing speed. It can direct print on metal, wood, pvc, plastic, glass, crystal, stone and rotary. Rainbow Inkjet vanish, matte, reverse print, fluorescence, bronzing effect are all supported. Besides, Nano 7 support direct to film print and transfer to materials above, therefore many non-planar substrates print problem is conquered. 

  • Print height: Substrate 9.8″ /Rotary 6.9″
  • Print size: 19.6″*27.5″
  • Разрешение печати: 720-2880 dpi (6-16 проходов)
  • UV ink: Eco type for cmyk plus white,vanish, primer, 6 level scrachproof
  • Применение: для нестандартных чехлов для телефонов, металла, плитки, шифера, дерева, стекла, пластика, декора из ПВХ, специальной бумаги, холста, кожи, акрила, бамбука и т. д.

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a2-uv-printer-5070 (11)
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1. Double Hiwin linear guideways

Nano 7 has 2pcs of Hiwin linear guideways on its X-axis and another 2pcs on Y-axis.(Most other A2 uv printers has only 1pcs of guideway on X-axis).
This brings better stability in carriage and vacuum table movement, better printing accuracy, and longer machine lifespan.

2. 4pcs of thick ball screws

Nano 7 A2 UV printer has 4pcs thick ball screws on Z-axis, making the up-and-down movement of the platform smooth and fast, which also making it possible to have a stunning 24cm(9.4in) print height(good for printing suitcases).
The 4pcs of ball screw also makes sure that the platform is stable and level, which helps secure the printing resolution.

a2 5070 uv flatbed printer (2)
a2 5070 uv flatbed printer (5)

3. Thick aluminum suction table

Full aluminum suction platform has equipped with strong air fans, the surface is specially treated to be anti-corrosion and anti-scratch.
The suction table plug is at the back of the printer, you can also find the on/off switch in the front panel.

4. German Igus cable carrier

Imported from German, the cable carrier runs smoothly and quietly, it protects the ink tubes and cables during the printer carriage movement, and it has long lifespan.

a2 5070 uv printer (2) 拷贝
a2 5070 uv flatbed printer (7)

5. Printhead lock sliding lever

The newly invented device is a mechanical structure for locking the printheads and sealing them tightly from drying and clogging.
When the carriage returns to the cap station, it hits the lever which pulls up the printhead caps. By the time the carriage brings the lever to the right limit, the printheads will also be fully sealed by the caps.

6. Low Ink alarm system

8 lights for 8 kinds of ink make sure you will notice the ink shortage when it does, the ink level sensor is placed inside the bottle so it can detect accurately.

a2 5070 uv flatbed printer (8)
a2 5070 uv flatbed printer (9)

7. 6 colors+White+Varnish

CMYKLcLm+W+V ink system now has Lc and Lm 2 extra colors to improve the color accuracy, making the printed result even sharper.

8. Front panel

The front panel has the basic control functions, like on/off switch, making the platform up and down, moving the carriage right and left and doing test print, etc.

a2 5070 uv flatbed printer (10)
a2 5070 uv flatbed printer (11)

9. Carraige plate temperature controler

It's a compact device inside the printer carriage that serves to 1)heat the metal carriage bottom plate and 2)display the real time temperature of the carriage bottom plate.

10. Waste ink bottle

The waste ink bottle is simi-transparent, so you can see the liquid level of the waste ink and clean it when necessary.

a2 5070 uv flatbed printer (13)
a2 5070 uv printer (10) 拷贝

11. UV LED lamp power knobs

There are two UV LED lamps in Nano 7 for color+white and varnish respectively. Thus we designed two UV lamp wattage controlers. With them, you can adjust the wattage of the lamps according to your jobs' requirement.
For example, if you need to print heat-sensitive materials like film A&B(for stickers), you might want to turn down the lamp wattage to prevent it from altering its shape because of the heat.

12. Aluminum Rotary device

Nano 7 also supports rotary printing with the help of the rotary device. It can handle three kinds of rotary products: the bottle with a handle like mug, the bottle without a handle like normal water bottle, and the tapered bottle like tumbler(need an extra small gadget).
It's convenient to install and uninstall the device, just need to put it on the platform and the magnet will fix the device in place. Then we need to switch the print mode to rotary and we'd be able to do the print just as usual.

a2 5070 uv flatbed printer (14)

Optional items

uv curing ink hard soft

UV curing hard ink(soft ink available)

uv dtf b film

UV DTF B film(one set come with A film)


Pen printing tray

coating brush

Coating brush



laminating machine

Laminating machine

golfball tray

Golfball printing tray

coating cluster-2

Coatings(metal, acrylic, PP, glass, ceramic)



tx800 printhead

Print head TX800(I3200 optional)

phone case tray

Phone case printing tray

spare parts package-1

Spare parts package

Packging and Shipping

Package info


The machine would be packed in a solid wooden crate for international shipping, suitable for sea, air, and express transportation.

Machine size: 97*101*56cm; Machine weight: 90kg

Package size: 118*116*76cm; package weight: 135KG

Shipping options

Shipping by sea

  • To port: cost the least, available in nearly all countries and areas, usually take 1 month to arrive.
  • Door-to-door: economical overall, available in the US, EU, and south-east Asia, usually takes 45 days to arrive for the EU and the US, and 15 days for south-east Asia. In this way, all costs are covered including tax, customs, etc.

Shipping by air

  • To port: available in nearly all countries, usually take 7 workdays to arrive.

Shipping by Express

  • Door-to-door: available in nearly all countries and areas, and takes 5-7 days to arrive.

Sample Service

We offer a sample printing service, meaning we can print a sample for you, record a video in which you can see the whole printing process, and capture high-resolution images to showcase the sample details, and will be done in 1-2 workdays. If this interests you, please submit an inquiry, and if possible, provide the following information:

  1. Design(s): Feel free to send us your own designs or allow us to utilize our in-house designs.
  2. Material(s): You may send the item you wish to have printed or inform us of the desired product for printing.
  3. Printing specifications (optional): If you have unique printing requirements or seek a particular printing result, don't hesitate to share your preferences. In this instance, it's advisable to provide your own design for improved clarity regarding your expectations.

Note: If you require the sample to be mailed, you will be responsible for postage fees.



Q1: Какие материалы может печатать УФ-принтер?

О: УФ-принтер может печатать практически на всех материалах, таких как чехол для телефона, кожа, дерево, пластик, акрил, ручка, мяч для гольфа, металл, керамика, стекло, текстиль и ткани и т. Д.

Q2: Может ли УФ-принтер печатать с 3D-эффектом тиснения?
A: Да, он может печатать тиснение с 3D-эффектом, свяжитесь с нами для получения дополнительной информации и печати видео.

Q3:Can A2 uv flatbed printer do rotary bottle and mug printing?

О: Да, с помощью ротационного печатающего устройства можно напечатать как бутылку, так и кружку с ручкой.
Q4: Нужно ли наносить на печатные материалы предварительное покрытие?

A: Некоторые материалы требуют предварительного покрытия, такие как металл, стекло, акрил, чтобы сделать цвет устойчивым к царапинам.

Q5: Как мы можем начать использовать принтер?

A: Мы отправим подробное руководство и обучающие видеоролики с упаковкой принтера перед использованием машины, пожалуйста, прочтите руководство и посмотрите обучающее видео и действуйте строго в соответствии с инструкциями, а если какой-либо вопрос не выяснен, наша техническая поддержка онлайн через teamviewer и видеозвонок поможет.

Q6: как насчет гарантии?

О: У нас есть гарантия 13 месяцев и пожизненная техническая поддержка, не включая расходные материалы, такие как печатающая головка и

Q7: какова стоимость печати?

О: Обычно стоимость печати 1 квадратного метра с нашими чернилами хорошего качества составляет около 1 доллара.
Q8: Где я могу купить запасные части и чернила?

О: Все запасные части и чернила будут доступны у нас в течение всего срока службы принтера, или вы можете купить их на месте.

Q9: Как насчет обслуживания принтера?  

A: В принтере есть система автоматической очистки и автоматического сохранения влаги, каждый раз перед выключением устройства выполняйте обычную очистку, чтобы печатающая головка оставалась влажной. Если вы не используете принтер более 1 недели, лучше включить устройство через 3 дня, чтобы провести тест и выполнить автоматическую очистку.

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  • имя Нано 7
    печатающая Three Epson DX8/XP600
    Разрешение 720-2880 точек на дюйм
    чернила Тип УФ светодиодные отверждаемые чернила УФ
    Размер посылки 500 мл на бутылку 500 мл
    Система подачи чернил CISS Built Inside Within
    Ink Bottle
    Потребление 9-15мл/кв.м 9-15мл
    Система перемешивания чернил Доступный
    Максимальная область печати (Ш*Г*В) Horizontal 50*70 см (19,7*27,6 дюйма)
    Вертикальный Подложка 24 см (9,4 дюйма) / поворотная 12 см (4,7 дюйма)
    СМИ Тип Metal, Plastic, Glass, Wood, Acrylic, Ceramics, PVC, Paper, TPU, Leather, Canvas, etc.
    Вес ≤10 кг
    Способ удержания носителя (объекта) Вакуумный стол
    Программное обеспечение РВАТЬ Ультрапринт
    Контроль печатьDream
    Система WindowsXP/Win7/Win8/Win10
    Интерфейс USB 2.0
    Язык китайский/английский
    Сила Требование 50/60 Гц 220 В (±10%) <5 А
    Потребление 500 Вт
    измерение размер машины 100*127*80см
    размер упаковки 114×140×96см
    Вес нетто Вес брутто 110 кг/150 кг

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