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RB-6090 A1 UV Flatebed Printer Machine

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RB-6090 UV

This A1 size RB-6090 UV flatbed printer with 3*DX8 print heads, max printing size is 60*90cm; it can print white, color and varnish. quick speed and high resolution.

 RB-6090 Pro

RB-6090 Pro has openable windows for convenient trouble shooting and repair.

LED control display

LED control display, easy to operate and control machine working status.


Igus belt

Imported Igus belt from Germany, high-precision and wear-resistant, will not have deformation and corrosion for decades using, and it use good quality protection circuit and water-cooled tube.

LED Touching Screen

LED Touching Screen, LED control display, easy to operate and control machine working status.

The emergency stop button

The emergency stop button is for accident need, and the head heating function can be turned on during the low temperature season to ensure the ink temperature is constant, thus improving ink fluency and protecting the nozzle from blocked.


The 6090 UV

The 6090 UV printer has double linear guider and one steel made screw driver, protected by a thick brush from dust and rust stains. This highly expand the lifespan of screw drivers and achieved mute working.

Air-cooled Fans Maintain

Two air-cooled fans maintain the temperature of the mainboard and the motor to ensure continuous working of the machine and extend the life of the machine at the same time.

Vacuum Adsorption Platform

The machine has vacuum adsorption platform with adsorption motor which helps soft material been adsorbed tightly on platform and printing smoothly.



The A1 UV Printer equipped with full aluminum cylindrical printing device. It can print on mugs, bottles cups etc.

Rainbow RB-6090

The Rainbow RB-6090 has Digital thermostat which helps to control the temperature of UV light.

RB-6090 Pro UV

RB-6090 Pro UV printer equipped with movable wheels of 360°, this helps on convenient movement and fixed easily.


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