RB-4030 Pro A3 UV Flatbed Printer Machine

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RB-4030 Pro A3 UV flatbed printer has two options of single and double heads, their difference on printing speed and vanish effect. Single head option can print CMYKW while double heads can print CMYKW+Vanish. They both are very competitive on price because they can print on metal, wood, pvc, plastic, glass, crystal, stone and rotary. Rainbow Inkjet UV printer vanish, matte, reverse print, fluorescence, bronzing effect are all supported. Besides, RB-4030 Pro support direct to film print and transfer to materials above, therefore many non-planar substrates print problem is conquered.

  • Print height: Substrate 5.9″ /Rotary 3.14″
  • Print size: 15.7″*11.8″
  • Print resolution: 720dpi-2880dpi (6-16passes)
  • UV ink: Eco type for cmyk plus white,vanish, primer, 6 level scrachproof,waterproof
  • Applications: For custom phone cases,metal, tile, slate, wood, glass, plastic, pvc decor, special paper, canvas art, leather, acrylic, bamboo and more

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Square linear guideways

The Rainbow RB-4030 Pro A3 UV printer's latest update features a Hiwin 3.5 cm straight square rail on the X-axis, which is both silent and sturdy. Additionally, it employs two 4 cm Hiwin straight square rails on the Y-axis, making the printing process smoother and extending the machine's lifespan. For the Z-axis, four 4 cm Hiwin straight square rails and two screw guides ensure that the up-and-down movement maintains a strong load-bearing capacity even after years of use.

Magnetic windows for inspection

The Rainbow RB-4030 Pro A3 UV printer new version takes user-friendliness seriously. It features four openable windows at the cap station, ink pump, main board, and motors, allowing for troubleshooting and problem diagnosis without completely opening the machine cover—an important aspect to consider in a machine because future maintenance is crucial.

inspection windows

6 Colors+White and Varnish

The Rainbow RB-4030 Pro A3 UV printer new version boasts exceptional color performance. With CMYKLcLm 6-color capability, it's especially good at printing pictures with smooth color transitions, such as human skin and animal fur. The RB-4030 Pro utilizes a second printhead for white and varnish to balance print speed and versatility. Two heads mean better speed, while varnish offers more possibilities for creating your masterpieces.

ink bottles

Water cooling+air cooling

The Rainbow RB-4030 Pro A3 UV printer new version is equipped with a water circulation system for cooling the UV LED lamp, ensuring that the printer runs at a stable temperature, thus guaranteeing the stability of print quality. Air fans are also installed to stabilize the motherboard.

Rotary/flatbed switch+ printhead heating

The Rainbow RB-4030 Pro's A3 UV printer new version features an integrated control panel. With just one switch, users can convert from flatbed mode to rotary mode, allowing for the printing of bottles and mugs. The printhead heating function is also supported, ensuring that the ink's temperature does not get so low as to clog the head.


Aluminum rotary device

The Rainbow RB-4030 Pro A3 UV printer new version is designed for high-quality flatbed printing, but with an optional rotary device, it can also print on mugs and bottles. The aluminum construction ensures stability and a long lifespan, while the independent motor drive enables high-resolution printing, far superior to relying on the rubbing force between the platform and the rotator.

The rotary device supports additional metal plates with different diameters to accommodate a wider variety of bottles, including tapered ones. Additional gadgets can be used for tapered bottles as well.

rotary device

Grating film protector sheets

Rainbow RB-4030 Pro new version A3 UV printer features a U-shaped metal sheet on the carriage, designed to prevent ink spray from contaminating the encoder film and compromising precision.

grating sensor protector

Optional items

uv curing ink hard soft

UV curing hard ink(soft ink available)

uv dtf b film

UV DTF B film(one set come with A film)


Pen printing tray

coating brush

Coating brush



laminating machine

Laminating machine

golfball tray

Golfball printing tray

coating cluster-2

Coatings(metal, acrylic, PP, glass, ceramic)



tx800 printhead

Print head TX800(XP600/I3200 optional)

phone case tray

Phone case printing tray

spare parts package-1

Spare parts package

Packging and Shipping

Package info


The machine will be packed in a solid wooden crate for international shipping, suitable for sea, air, and express transportation.

Machine Size: 101 * 63 * 56 cm; Machine Weight: 55 kg

Package Size: 120 * 88 * 80 cm; Package Weight: 84 kg

Shipping options

Shipping by sea

  • To port: cost the least, available in nearly all countries and areas, usually take 1 month to arrive.
  • Door-to-door: economical overall, available in the US, EU, and south-east Asia, usually takes 45 days to arrive for the EU and the US, and 15 days for south-east Asia. In this way, all costs are covered including tax, customs, etc.

Shipping by air

  • To port: available in nearly all countries, usually take 7 workdays to arrive.

Shipping by Express

  • Door-to-door: available in nearly all countries and areas, and takes 5-7 days to arrive.

Sample Service

We offer a sample printing service, meaning we can print a sample for you, record a video in which you can see the whole printing process, and capture high-resolution images to showcase the sample details, and will be done in 1-2 workdays. If this interests you, please submit an inquiry, and if possible, provide the following information:

  1. Design(s): Feel free to send us your own designs or allow us to utilize our in-house designs.
  2. Material(s): You may send the item you wish to have printed or inform us of the desired product for printing.
  3. Printing specifications (optional): If you have unique printing requirements or seek a particular printing result, don't hesitate to share your preferences. In this instance, it's advisable to provide your own design for improved clarity regarding your expectations.

Note: If you require the sample to be mailed, you will be responsible for postage fees. However, if you purchase one of our printers, the postage cost will be deducted from the final amount, effectively granting free postage.


Q1: What materials can the UV printer print on?

A: Our UV printer is quite versatile and can print on almost all kinds of materials, such as phone cases, leather, wood, plastic, acrylic, pens, golf balls, metal, ceramic, glass, textiles, and fabrics, etc.

Q2: Can the UV printer create an embossed 3D effect?

A: Yes, our UV printer can produce an embossed 3D effect. Please feel free to contact us for more information and to see some printing videos demonstrating this capability.

Q3: Can the A3 UV flatbed printer print on rotary bottles and mugs?

A: Absolutely! The A3 UV flatbed printer can print on both bottles and mugs with handles, thanks to the rotary printing device.

Q4: Do I need to apply a pre-coating on the printing materials?

A: Some materials, such as metal, glass, and acrylic, require a pre-coating to ensure the printed colors are scratch-resistant.

Q5: How do I start using the printer?

A: We provide detailed manuals and instructional videos with the printer package. Please read the manual and watch the videos carefully, following the instructions closely. If you have any questions or need clarification, our technical support team is available for online assistance via TeamViewer and video calls.

Q6: What is the warranty for the printer?

A: We offer a 13-month warranty and lifelong technical support, excluding consumables such as print heads and ink dampers.

Q7: How much does printing cost?

A: On average, printing with our high-quality ink costs about $1 per square meter.

Q8: Where can I purchase spare parts and inks?

A: We provide spare parts and ink throughout the printer's lifespan. Alternatively, you may also find them at local suppliers.

Q9: How do I maintain the printer?

A: The printer is equipped with an auto-cleaning and auto moisture-preserving system. Please perform a standard cleaning before turning off the machine to keep the print head moist. If you don't use the printer for more than a week, we recommend powering it on every 3 days to perform a test and auto-clean.

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  • Name
    RB-4030 Pro
    RB-4060 Plus
    single/Dual Epson DX8
    Dual Epson DX8/4720
    UV curable hard/soft ink
    Package size
    500ml per bottle
    Ink supply system
    CISS(500ml ink tank)
    Ink stirring system
    Maximum printable area
    substrate 15cm(6inches) /rotary 8cm(3inches)
    plastic, pvc, acrylic, glass, ceramic, metal, wood, leather, etc.
    Holding method
    Glass Table(standard)/Vacuum table(optional)
    Windows XP/Win7/Win8/win10
    USB 3.0


    50/60HZ 220V(±10%) <5A


    Package size
    net 55kg/ Gross 84kg
    net 90kg/ Gross 140kg

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