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DTF is a revolutionary new printing technique.Nova 30 A3 size DTF printer Print on PET film, max width 30cm,support 2pieces of print Epson TX600 or XP600 print heads support 8 passes 1440dpi printing.Print white and color.Any fabrics, wide applicability, both light and dark fabrics.You can print on T-shirt, Hoodies, Jeans, Swimsuit, Polo, Pillow, Hat, Shoes, etc.

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Why dtf craftsmanship has become popular?

DTF is a revolutionary new printing technique that's more affordable and accessible compared to DTG, screen printing, or laser white toner transfers. DTF required a modified printer, Special DTF ink, Special DTF powder and DTF transfer film. With DTF you can transfer to 100% cotton shirts without pre-treatment, saving a lot of money and time. DTF uses a lot less ink than DTG. DTF is strong washable and it feels a lot better to the touch.

DTF process


dtf sample display

No choice of fabrics, wide applicability, both light and dark fabrics.You can print on T-shirt, Hoodies, Jeans, Swimsuit, Polo, Pillow, Hat, Shoes, etc.

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Parameter table

Model Nova 30 DTF Printer
Printing width 30cm
Print head TX600/XP600
Print head qty. (pcs) 2-4
Suitable media PET film
Heating and drying function Front guide plate heating, solidified upper drying, and cold air cooling function
  XP600 2 print heads TX600 2 print heads
Printing speed 6pass 5m7h 6pass 2m7h
  8pass 3m7h 8pass 1nf/h
Printing resolution 720dpi/1080dpi/1440dpi
Print head cleaning Automatic
Heating method Front guide plate heating (30-65°C)
Platform suction adjustment Yes
Printing interface USB3.0
Working environment Temperature 15 - 30°C
Relative humidity 40-60%
Software Maintop/ PhoToPrinx
Operating system XP/Win7/Win10
Rewinding function Automatic induction rewinding
Rated power 250±5%W
  A3 dtf printer: 1070mm X 650mm*950mm
Machine size Powder shaker and dryer:850mm*560mm*600mm
  Whole set size: 1650mm*1070mm*950mm
Packaging Size A3 dtf printer: 1150mm*730mm*610mm, 93kg
  Powder shaker and dryer: 850mm*560mm*600mm,60kg

Product details

IMG_9478 IMG_9484 IMG_9549
Emergency stop switch

Power can be cut offquickly in an emergency

Button panel

Chinese and English button panel, simplified operation, easy to understand

Automatic feeder 

The resistance of the paper feeder can be adjusted. and themaximum load-bearing capacity of the 5cm steel pipe is 70kg

IMG_9515 IMG_9535 IMG_9519
Ink cartridge system 

Constant ink supplyeffectively preventing ink cut-off. transparent ink cartridges and color marking

White ink circulation 

Automatically turn on the circulating pumpintermittently when the printer is turned on, to circulate the ink of pipeline and prevent clogging

White ink stirring

Automatically agitate the white inkintermittently when the printer is turned on, to circulate the inkcartridge and prevent clogging

021061614091516 IMG_9632 IMG_9645
Excellent board

Excellent board system good stability and low failure rate

USB3.0 interface

High-speed transmission of printing data

LEADSHINE servo motor

High-quality LEADSHINE industrial motor drive system, which guarantees the stability of equipment printing

IMG_9489 IMG_9614
Suction adjustment

Adjust the wind power

Capping station

AssemblyLifting aluminum alloy capping stationassembly, intelligent automatic cleaning and maintenance nozzle

Platform heating

Preheat the printing picture in advance to facilitate powder loading


1.Q: What materials can DTF printer print on?
A: No choice of fabrics, wide applicability, both light and dark fabrics

2.Q: What products can print on using DTF Printer?
A: You can print on T-shirt, Hoodies, Jeans, Swimsuit, Polo, Pillow, Hat, Shoes, etc.

3.Q: What different between DTF printing and traditional heat transfer printing?
A: DTF printing does not require engraving and waste disposal, and the process is simple. The most important thing is that the heat transfer of dark fabrics is directly printed with color and white, and dark fabrics can be directly transferred as light fabrics.

4.Q: What different between DTF printer and DTG printer?
A: Different printing process, DTG is printed directly on the textile fabric, while DTF is first printed on the PET film and then transferred to the textile fabric.

5.Q: Can the DTF printer print on dark fabrics?
A: Yes, DTF printer can print white color, so it can print on dark fabrics.

6.Q: What other equipment and materials are needed?
A: The equipment needed are oven and heat press machine; The materials needed are pet film, dtf powder and dtf ink. The overall solution is low investment cost.

7.Q: Is the investment cost of the overrall solution high?
A:The overall solution is low investment cost. The overall solution has a small footprint and is easy to move, providing convenience for small entrepreneurs. Effectively reduce inventory costs, only need to store PET film according to market conditions.

8.Q: Where can I buy the spare parts and ink.
A: Our printer does not come with ink, if you need to buy with the ink together, please contact us. We also provide the spare parts, and printing materials, such as PET film, dtf powder, etc. If you need, please contact us.

9.Q: What is the warranty of dtf printer?
A: Our factory provides one year of warranty, except print head and other ink contact parts.

10. Q: How can we start to use the printer?
A: We will send the manual with the package of the printer. Please read the manual before using and operate.

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